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Says you are employees then when you go check your assignment then when you check your scheduled the chat line says your assignment has been canceled. How can you trust someone who cant be honest with you about employment if they can not tell you when your employed and when your not if they can not even call you and let you know anything. What is a person suppose to do they make ou go through the orientation and right up to day one and then... Read more

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Let me tell you about my experience with ISS thus far, as I'm still trying to work with them in getting a job at the Amazon warehouse. All I did up to this point was fill out an application for Amazon online at, go to a walk-in interview with ISS, and attend my orientation for the job at the Amazon warehouse location. It all seemed pretty easy and too good to be true considering I was "hired" on the spot at my interview, which yielded... Read more

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Yes end up in hospital back problem will eventually be part of a buge class law suit against amazon and iss who is jus a company that helpa amazon take advantage of people I pass the bad word on every one should

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I started to work at amazon through intergrity October 31 2015 I worked there for six weeks In hopes of getting the bonus they give . The management is the worst I have ever seen they will bring up write ups a month after the incident a month seriously !!! I am short and was on a ladder pulling stuff above my head I pulled a muscle in my back I reported it they like your lying . I was sent to the workmans comp dr who said it was not work related... Read more

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applied pass drug test given a start date a visa card not to be activated until week before start date told my second job I could only work weekends went to orientation for amazon was given a paper with start date and salary which was hourly reported to instructions given on the actual start date to the premises (amazon warehouse)  for start date and nobody had know known record of me starting this particular day when ask who do i speak with... Read more

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I'm highly upset at the fact that I've been getting harassed for the past week by multiple PA's from Amazon and also from one Integrity Coach. I've written statement after statement and it's affecting my work. I'm now getting retaliated against because I wrote a complaint statement and being told that I've been disrespectful and TOT when Integrity were the ones who kept me in the office my whole shift. I had asked for an accommodation which I... Read more

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I applied online through Integrity for a seasonal position at Amazon. I was hired and went to orientation. I received my start date at orientation which was a week later than the date I received at my interview. (Which shorted me on my Christmas money) I showed up at Amazon an hour early. Mass confusion in the Integrity office. Finally doors were opened for new hires. I was not in the system as a hired employee. I was then given a Vendor pass... Read more

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Integrity Staffing Solutions, in Phoenix, have got to get their act together. Seasonal workers are working their ten-hour days for Amazon, Amazon in turn is paying Integrity Staffing Solutions so they can pay the seasonal workers, however this is not being done in a lawful way, their payroll checks are being kept hostage by Integrity Staffing Solutions!!!! This action is against the law not just in Arizona but in ever state Plus it is even... Read more

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This company is a joke!! They'll hire ANYONE and I mean ANYONE! I worked as a recruiter for them and after being trained by someone who has supposedly been there for 5yrs+ I decided to leave the company. The Recruiting Process Manager sat around and ate the office candy while yelling at the rest of recruiter to work harder. She would take 1-2hour lunch break, show up 30mins to an hour late EVERYDAY!! Ive been in the customer service industry for... Read more

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I don't know about this location, but they call you about jobs that are not even available, have you do all of the required things and then you never hear from them again

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